The Global Sanitation Environment Project (GSEP) focuses on research, analysis, innovation, governance, and partnerships around Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH). Universal access to water and sanitation in Africa will be achieved through participatory and collaborative initiatives.

The WASH universe is diverse, dynamic and far-reaching – it touches on a myriad of cross cutting issues such as poverty, gender, and policy development – it is GSEP’s mission to connect the dots and make them all work.

Founded 15 years ago, GSEP launched as a community based organization that used advocacy, awareness, mentorship, community mobilization and participatory activities to advance gender development related to WASH, HIV/Aids and Health. Our activities revealed to us the following insights ;

  • The central role baseline data plays in revealing valuable insights on access to water, sanitation & hygiene;
  • The need for inclusiveness and collaboration to accelerate and scale impact of initiatives; and
  • The vital role of social enterprise as solutions providers in WASH, the environment and health.

GSEP has consolidated its focus areas to WASH, Environmental Management and Circularity & Sustainability. Our activities revolve around these core themes and are aligned to local (Vision 2030, Kenya), continental (Agenda 2063, Africa) and global (SDG2030, UN) goals and benchmarks.